Hey guys, and welcome to my music page! Here you can find links and basic information about my musical pursuits, and follow my journey toward becoming a performer as it (hopefully) unfolds…

At the moment, I’m just a songwriter sitting alone in my (usually darkened room because I just like the dark, okay?) with my electric guitar and writing notebook. Yes, it’s as cliché as it sounds. 🙂 My current plan is to become a solo artist, which is utterly terrifying by the way. I prefer to hide amongst band mates or only be an instrumentalist. I was about to record an EP of my most recent songs, written over the past year, which has been the most difficult year of my life, which you can read about in past posts, but then the Coronavirus hit and we are now in isolation because of my husband, Campbell’s cancer and his susceptibility to dangerous complications should he contract it. (Speaking of which, I have decided to alter my blog a bit and make it a diary of sorts as we go through this journey with COVID-19, cancer, and isolation for the next three to four months. Those posts began on March 16th, 2020). I am absolutely content with waiting however long God wants me to wait, though. I want His timing. Always. And in the meantime, I am having a blast hanging out with my love and our four beautiful, precious children, Rhu, 13, Ian, 11, Rowan, 8, and Ivy, 6.

I’ve been in several bands in the past. And in fact, Campbell and I met in a band when I was fifteen back in ’99–say it with me here: awww ;). You can listen to the music of my last band, Emissaries, from a rough EP (we never had the time to polish it and recorded the whole thing in a few hours), for free on Soundcloud here. With Emissaries, I played electric guitar and sang, and my bandmates, Travis and Garrett, played bass and drums respectively. Our sound was alternative rock with some progressive elements. Main influences were grunge and classic rock. Think Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2, and Aerosmith from the 70’s meets early 90’s Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins.

As a solo artist at the moment, my sound is pretty much “girl in a coffeeshop,” haha. Which is wild because I went from rock to chill loner songs. Crazy. The Lord has mysterious ways indeed. If you’re familiar with Julien Baker, then I would say she is a good example of what my sound is like.

The name of the EP is inspired by what I learned and went through in 2019–the hardest year of my life. I was helpless, but never hopeless.

If you’re curious about more of my background in music, I’m a classically trained violist and my degree is in Classical Music Composition with an emphasis in Viola, which was supposed to be a precursor to writing soundtracks because I love stories and movies so much (something I’ve wanted to do since I was seven when I first heard The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack), and had a full scholarship to Berkley in Boston to do so…but the Lord had other plans when Campbell was offered a free doctorate at Baylor University that same year. We chose to stay in Texas so he could pursue that, and I’m so glad we did! We had our first child, totally unplanned, only a year later, and trying to be a Mom (I had zero idea what I was doing and am still making it up as I go along Indiana Jones-style) away from family while pursuing a competitive and time-consuming career would’ve been likely impossible. Maybe one day I’ll still get to work on a movie in some way in the future. Whatever the Lord wants! At one time, before I had my third child and became a full-time stay at home Mom, I performed in several different symphonies, and since the age of twelve, when I began playing in a professional string quartet, I played for parties, galas, funerals, music theater companies, and literally hundreds of weddings. I also had my own studio where I gave viola, violin, piano, and guitar lessons, as well as music theory and music compositions, vocals and songwriting.

Unfortunately, I had to quit classically performing and teaching four years ago when my mental health took a turn for the worse. I was able to still perform as Emissaries a few times, including at a festival in Nebraska (which was so much fun!), but then had to quit that too about two years ago. I’ve also performed as an electric guitarist and vocalist many times over during the past ten years at our church, Gateway Fellowship, in San Antonio, where my husband, Campbell, is one of the pastors, but I haven’t played on stage in over two years.

The Lord is good. I know one day I’ll play again in public. He promised me back in the Summer of 2004 (I’d just turned twenty) that one day I would be playing my own songs in front of thousands (I was in the Houston Toyota Center at the time). And I still believe it will happen!

You can find out more about my other creative endeavors on my writing page and art page.

Blessings, friend! And may the Lord protect you, both financially and health-wise, during this unprecedented time. Stay well.