Hello all, and welcome to my author page. Here you can find basic information about what I’m writing, and follow my journey toward publication as it (hopefully) unfolds. I was blessed to have recently worked as a ghost writer on a novel, so I am technically a published author, though of course I would like to publish my own work.

***UPDATE #1 12/5/19–I was recently published on December 5th, 2019. God is amazing, praise Him! And the opportunity actually came through this blog… A local university (Trinity University) has a magazine called High Noon, and they put out a call for local writers and artists to submit pieces for their winter publication. They saw my blog and reached out, requesting a piece. To put it lightly, I was flabbergasted (and still am). The theme for the issue was “Difficult Conversations,” so the article was an account of my psychotic break in March, 2019, and the ramification that followed. You can read the article, “Death Survivor,” here.

UPDATE #2–I am headed to New York in September, 2020! (As long as everything is back to a somewhat normal state by then.) I’m headed up there for a writer’s conference called VoxCon. I went back in 2017 and it was amazing. I’m super excited and hopefully we can save enough money so all six of us can go! The kids have never flown on a plane before. Should be interesting. 🙂

While I absolutely enjoy writing on this blog, and I was thrilled to write that article, my heart lies in writing novels, and I am currently working on two of them.

I completed my first book in 2011. (It was terrible.) I would’ve kept writing but that was when my life began to take a turn with a long series of tragedies (you can read about most of them on this blog in various posts).

I began writing again in earnest in October of 2018 when the idea for a novel came to me. Then in April of 2019, another idea for a different novel popped into my head, so I began switching back and forth, to give each one a rest and then return with fresh eyes. They are both nearly complete. Both stories are inspired by personal events and struggles in my own life. The theme of one (The Radiant) is mental illness, while the other (Skyveil) centers around something very personal I have yet to announce to the world.

The Radiant is a Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy novel. It’s the first in a planned trilogy. I can’t say too much without giving the plot away since it’s from the viewpoint of an unreliable narrator, but here’s the hook: “Seventeen-year-old Wren Whitlock is either hallucinating, or developing a mysterious power no one else can see, all while a terrifying shadow creature is stalking her every move, voices are talking in her head, and a teenage boy keeps appearing to her, one who is either a figment of her own twisted imagination…or from a different world.”

Skyveil is a Thriller, Mystery novel. Here’s the hook: “Remmy Easton, a nomadic young woman burdened with a family curse, stands falsely accused of murder, but she’s surprised to find that Lee Erikson, the Texas Ranger tasked with interrogating her, has a curse of his own–the ability to know if someone is telling the truth or not–the only problem is, no one believes him.” On the surface in a wider perspective, the plot is pushed forward by an investigation as a classic murder mystery thriller, but internally it’s driven by the characters and their struggles with the secret curses they both bear, which brings the two of them, who couldn’t be more different, together in ways they never could’ve imagined. Both protagonists are in their mid-to-late twenties, and the entire book takes place in less than 24 hours. It’s intense. The two main characters, and Remmy’s curse, just came to me one day in April, 2019, and the thing just snowballed from there. It’s practically written itself. I can tell you though, that while it has “written itself,” mysteries are incredibly difficult to write. So many twists and turns and false leads, and of course I’m making every effort to throw you off and shock you as much as possible with that final twist (or two) at the end. There are few things I hate more than predictability in mysteries. So it’s definitely the most difficult thing I’ve written to date in that way. To wrap my mind around its complexities and stay consistent and avoid plot holes, I’ve had to create a detailed timeline with real and false times of events (depending on lies and misleads and investigative mistakes and assumptions from the characters), conflicting character histories and profiles (since there are two different ones–the readers’ and characters’ false view, and the actual truth), and a huge linear scene layout. Good night, it’s been crazy, but so much fun.

As far as my style goes, no matter the genre, much of what I write is dark and tragic, and can be violent at times, and because of that, I like to thread humor throughout, whether with straight up awkwardness or the tender teasing of a friend or snappy dialogue or dark irony or sarcasm. Also, I have surprisingly introduced romantic elements in both novels. Much to my chagrin. I suppose I should not be surprised by this. While I personally hate rom-coms and romance movies of any kind, I’m still a (not-so-secret) romantic, okay?

I’m also a fan of antiheroes, and sympathetic and complex villains. I know I feel more like an antihero myself, and I’ve certainly played the villain more than once, so I enjoy writing about those characters. Wren, the main protagonist in The Radiant, is an antihero. Or maybe a villain. Only time will tell. 😉

Because of my love for dialogue and action scenes, I would love to write a screenplay one day.

Side note: I am not formerly trained as a writer at all. I am simply an avid reader who also happens to write lyrics. (You can read about my musical pursuits here.)

That’s pretty much it! Thanks for bearing with me as I likely overshared. I can’t help it! When it comes to things I’m passionate about, I find it difficult to be succinct. (Obviously.) I’ll add updates as developments occur.

Blessings, friend! And may the Lord protect you, both financially and health-wise, during this unprecedented time with COVID-19. Stay well.

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