A Man of the Sea

You are a man of the sea

My steadfast pursuit

See, I am never the wife on the shore

Waiting for your return, my Love

I am the sea—the wild North Sea

And you are riding my waves, my gales,

My stormy breakers

You bear the crashes, your mast is firm

You look out over my storms, my Love

With a glint in your eyes

A firm set of your mouth

Speaking of a subtle, deep passion for me—

For your wild sea

You don’t try to fix me, no

And praise God for that!

You ride out the storms with me, my Love

Always with me

A man of the sea—

See, I’m unpredictable

I lash against your bow

I toss about your stern

Your Starboard and Port are battered and beaten

I black out the North Star—

Polaris, what would be your guide

Hidden by my oppression

The darkness that hangs over me

And always has

My first memory at three

Contemplating my father’s death

As I watched from my window

As he left for work

Fearing a wreck

Like your ship should have been


Drowning your deck

But you know that Star, our beloved Star

Is there by your compass, my Love

Your Savior, our beloved Savior

Christ, who guides you

Guides us both through you

You don’t waver

You aren’t blown off course

By the gift of God

And His favor

Till my wrath and raves 

Sadness and waves




Calmed by your relentless pursuit

I told you this morning

In the dark before the dawn

As we lie together, my cold North Sea warmed

Enveloped by not only the strength of your arms

But the silent Song of your Songs

I said your dark, tangled eyebrows

Brewed over your blue eyes—

The color of the North Sea

Clear, blue, without a hint of green

Like the storms of that wild place

Where other ships might break

Before my terrible pain

One none have tamed

And you didn’t laugh!

In silent, subtle satisfaction

At my words that are, perhaps, I admit



Imperfect in phrase and rhyme

Rhythm and–


Passionate and poetic 

Crested by foam, stark and naked

Vulnerable but will perhaps

Speak to the hearts of others

At least, that is my prayer, our prayer

A skiff to others drowning in their own sea

Beneath their gloomy darkness

And sharp despair

To bring them comfort

As maybe the Psalms

Have brought us hope by David’s understanding


Poetic alliteration

As perhaps Hosea

Inspired by the story—

The tale of the love of the Lord

His perfect relentless pursuit

Of a wild-hearted bride

His steadfast contentment

To never leave us

Never forsake us

For better or for worse

In sickness and health

Till that day of redemption

When body and mind

Ravaged by time

Broken, lost

Fearful of the cost

Of commitment

Are brought to final rest from their wild sea–

See, I trusted you, my Love

By God’s refashioning of my rebellious heart

Oh, what love, what glorious love!

Knowing you, my Love

By Christ, you love all of me—


Even my inner poet that would make others

Maybe unsettled

That I know the reveal of our love will bring

Because you know it only points to our King

Like your compass

Points to the North Star, our North Star

Who you know has been there



Beyond the darkness above

That hangs over us both…

You are a man of the sea, my Love

My wild Sea

And I know—

I know with all I am

And all my heart

You always will be

7 thoughts on “A Man of the Sea

  1. Mandy, your so awesome at writing (I paused for a whole minute prior to coming up only with awesome), I wanted to say something deeper, cooler, but…. I am more techy brained, deep in science, deep in love of family, a believer 100%, but not a wordsmith at all… But really like reading yours A lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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