Strands of Keratin

Strands of keratin

They slide between my fingers and I think

Where were we, Love, when this small space at the end of the lengths were new

Emerging like buds of Spring from scalp and skin?

Was it before the dark of January 1st?

Perhaps it was Christmas, eight months ago, maybe more

When you took me to see the blue and yellow lights

And we held Hot Chocolate between our gloves and sang hymns

And all at once in my mind

The Black Dog battles the Hound of Heaven

Climbing Churchill, I flee God’s presence

A war unseen

The skirmishes crop up now and then

Flares in the night

After perhaps, too brief a respite

The battle rages on in fits and starts and stops, circular, cyclical thoughts

Shell blasts and mustard gas, earth blown to bits and lungs poison-kissed

You see, there are other strands

Your strands

Strands of DNA

They twist between the fingers of God, not mine, Love

I know if I held them, I’d warp them to my will

Force and declare a healing like a child demanding treats

May it never be!

I’ll only name Jesus and claim His will!

And then, all at once, the dawn consumes the fog

And the Hound devours the Dog

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